We repair jukeboxes on site but charge for the call out depending on the journey from Twickenham, calls to Surrey,
most of Berkshire, north of Sussex and west of Chiswick in South London are 250.
We will quote for calls to locations of greater distance.

The callout charge includes the first 30 minutes on site during which time the jukebox will be
assessed to establish the cause of the problem and to advise the customer of any other points of
note regarding the condition of the machine. Sometimes the fault is simple and the jukebox is repaired
without any further work; otherwise we then give an estimate of the likely cost of completing a repair.
You may choose to continue with our work or not, however the callout charge is payable regardless.
Some faults may become apparent during the repair, this may add to the final estimated cost of the repair.
We charge 120.00 per hour for work done out of our workshops.
We do not warranty any work done out on site.
We prefer to repair jukeboxes in our workshops where tools, spares and circuit diagrams are easily
to hand and most importantly it allows us to test the jukebox without having to charge for waiting around.
We charge 85.00 per hour for work done in our workshop.
Customers can bring their jukeboxes to us in Twickenham but
please phone us before moving the jukebox so that we can advise on making sure the jukebox is safe to
transport and make an appointment.

We warranty repairs done in our workshops, the warranty only applies to the actual repair we
do and does not cover other faults that become apparent after the repair is finished.
Warranty repairs are as per in our workshop, all collections and returns
and/or any possible visits to the customer will be chargeable.

If you have a specific repair please email so we can provide a specific solution..

Telephone- 01483 60 44 68 for Surrey and Sussex

020 8943 1700 for West London, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire

Any questions? please email us at:- all@jukeboxservices.com