Sound Leisure produces the highest quality reproduction jukeboxes available anywhere in the world today, a fact they regularly embarrass their competitors with. They use the finest materials available and employ production methods that guarantee unwavering excellence, not the reduction of costs and maximization of profit. You'll never find cheap plastic decorative components replacing solid metal castings on any of their products, because unlike their competitors, they'd never use them!

Their truly magnificent Jukeboxes visually and technically out perform many modern hi-fi systems available today. A staff of highly skilled, dedicated craftsmen and engineers are committed to creating a product that enhances their reputation as the leading manufacturer of high quality retro jukeboxes.

Because they hand build your machine to order, it can be tailored to your individual requirements. Many customers take advantage of the 'Custom Finish' option to match the cabinet veneer or colour to one which ideally suits the intended location.

JUKE BOX SERVICES are fully appointed Sales and Service agents for SOUND LEISURE and have samples of their high quality jukeboxes in our showroom in Twickenham.

For further details phone JUKE BOX SERVICES on 020 8288 1700